Double Bill: Max & Moritz & Supersize Girl by Gisle Kverndokk and Oystein Wiik

December 15, 2013
6:00pm – 7:30pm

To counter the negative media assault against healthy adolescent girls’ body image and self esteem, the New York Opera Society has commissioned a new, 45 minute comedic opera from renown Norwegian composer Gisle Kverndokk and librettist Oystein Wiik about girls’ body image called “Supersize Girl”. This opera is a moral, inspiring, empowering representation of a girl’s journey through the travails of plastic surgery and back via a reality show.

Technical Staff for M&M and SUPERSIZE GIRL
Composer: Gisle Kverndokk
Librettist: Øystein Wiik
Dramaturg: Inger Schjoldager
Director: Joachim Schamberger
Costume Designer: Camille Assaf Doshi
Associate Costume Designer: Alice Tavener
Lighting Designer for Supersize Girl: Robert Denton
Lighting Designer for Max and Moritz: Marcus Doshi
Conductor, Elizabeth Young
Cello: Danielle Cho
Trumpet: Kevin Gebo
Piano: Danielle DeSwert Hahn
Flute: Andrew Rehrig
Amanda – a 14 year old girl – Sarah Pillow
Albert – her facebook friend – Carlos Feliciano
The man in the mirror – John Tiranno
Merlin – a plastic surgeon – Victor Benedetti
The mother – Juliana Rambaldi
The father – Gustavo Ahualli
The 3 girlfriends (The good, the bad and the ugly) – Gustavo, Victor, Carlos